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June 4th Newsletter




$163,911 Raised, 207 Riders Registered

46 Days Until #CourageClassic19

Register Today

A great ride on Saturday took us from Aurora to Castle Rock, with a delicious meal provided by Sean, Holly & McKinley and storms caught us on the return. We were very fortunate to seek refuge at Tagawa Gardens, where they let us hide from the hail, lighting and storms inside with our bikes. A huge thank you to them for their hospitality.

With just over 6 weeks until the 2019 Courage Classic I am excited to share our Top 10 Individual Fundraisers:

  1. Kathleen Lemieux $2,995
  2. Kim Sievers $2,661
  3. Kevin Cox $2,485
  4. Steve Cox (chasing his brother) $2,475
  5. Micah Gruenwald $2,210 #KidsHelpingKids
  6. Wes Howard $2,050
  7. Chris Schneider $1,615
  8. Cathy Nixon $1,325
  9. Michael Davison $1,225
  10. Thomas Gohl $1,175

A huge shout out to the Nixons, who not only sponsor but continue to fundraise independently as well. We are so grateful for your support and your efforts to spread the word and ask your community to support you. This is what gets us to $400k!!

Still need to register? Click Here. 

Important Dates

  • Primal’s Littleton Ride – 6/8 Starting at Breckenridge Brewery, Gear Swap at Noon, Foundation Staff will be there too!
  • EARTH ANGEL FEST – Concert benefiting WOJ 6/15 Details Below
  • Deer Creek Climb – 6/15/19
  • Glenwood Springs Ride – 6/23/19


Deer Creek High Grade 6/15

Several options: The main ride will be the City View Loop: 32 miles with 3,740′ elevation gain. Multiple stretches are 11-12% grade. For folks who want more miles, some of us will cross Wadsworth after returning to the start & ride into Chatfield. Riding just the Highgrade portion of the Loop to Pleasant Park Grange (where H2O & Gatorade are stocked, donations requested) & then returning to start shortens the distance to 25 miles, with a still quite substantial 2,900′ elevation gain.

Meet @ Deer Creek and Wadsworth Along Road off Deer Creek just South of C-470 and west of Wadsworth

​ *Arrival time – 8:30am, leave at 8:45am Sharp*


Don’t hesitate to book your lodging! Call Copper Mountain Resort at 1-866-837-2996. Reference the group name Courage Classic and our group code 4234 to access group rates. Or Try,,


Primal Partner Ride 6/8

Primal – our gear sponsor since the beginning – is hosting a special ride. Great opportunity to meet others riding and even convert those on the fence/interested in riding. So bring along team members, soon to be team members one and all.

*Arrival time – 8:30am, leave at 9:00am Sharp*
RSVP to:
Amber Dunlap – or

text 720-323-2538



Glenwood Springs Roaring Forks Ride 6/23

A beautiful ride from Glenwood Springs towards Aspen and back.

This is an ‘out & back’ on the Rio Grande Trail from Glenwood towards Aspen. The entire ride is 82 miles (time allowing) and a gradual 2100 elevation gain, however we split into a fast group that may go all the way to Aspen and a slower group turning around at about mile 25 making it a 50 mile ride. It is a climb out and a descent back so riders of all levels can join and return along the trail at any point. We will watch the time to be sure we arrive back in Glenwood Springs by 4pm.

Climbing Option available – 5 mile climb, 1500 ft. elevation gain, with a steep descent back to the Rio Grande Trail in El Jebel.

*Arrival time – 9:00 am , Leave at 9:30 am Sharp*

RSVP to: The Roaring Forks txt: 970-274-1517

Check out this week’s Law Week Colorado Ad!


$137,268 Raised, 199 Riders Registered 60 Days Until #CourageClassic19

Happy Spring Storm WOJ! It sounds like this is the latest snowfall to hit Denver in 49 years. Never fear, Saturday is supposed to be 71 and partly sunny. We will be back in training in no time. Currently we are in second place for fundraising, but I know you are all working hard at taking that lead back. Here are some tips and tricks if you have never fundraised before.

It’s time to set up your personal fundraising page: •When you personalize your fundraising page, you raise far more money than if you don’t add personal details.
•A recent report, the 2016 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study, shows that participants who update their personal page typically raise at least 7 times more than participants who do not update their pages and can raise up to 18 times more.
• In 2018, only 75 percent of fundraising Courage Classic riders personalized their fundraising pages. Those who personalized their fundraising page raised an average of nearly $1,000 more than those who didn’t. Incremental increases in fundraising for each rider would add up to a lot more money raised for kids. Here are a few tips to consider when updating your personal page…
•Tell your personal story: If you have a personal story of why you are riding, share it! It doesn’t need to be long – just a paragraph or two about why this ride means so much to you, and why you are fundraising. The more compelling your story, the more compelled people will be to donate to your ride.
• Share lots of photos and videos: Be sure to add a personalized photo to your page – of the person you’re riding for, you training, etc. Photos and videos are some of the most compelling ways to get people to donate to your ride.
•Write about why you ride: If you don’t have a first-person connection to the hospital or event and fundraising for it, you can still talk about why you are riding. Perhaps you were motivated by a friend or neighbor’s experience. Or maybe you know one of the caregivers who are riding, and they’ve talked about why this ride means so much to them. Or you may just be passionate about children’s health. Regardless, the more that people know your personal reasons for riding, the more likely they are to give to your ride.

Important Dates:
Carter Lake Training Ride 5/25
Aurora to Castle Rock – Easy ride, lots of miles 6/1 ***Date Changed***
Primal’s Littleton Ride – 6/8 Starting at Breckenridge Brewery

EARTH ANGEL FEST – Concert benefiting WOJ 6/15 Details Below


Wheels of Justice – March 25th – $83,875 Raised and climbing!!

Happy National Doctor’s Day! What a perfect day to celebrate all the wonderful doctors who ride with Wheels of Justice! We have been delighted to ride with and get to know Dr. Adam Green over the past couple years. As he just registered for 2019’s classic today, I had to share this wonderful story about him. He was a recent finalist in CHCO’s Pediatric Innovation Challenge.

Here is the project, in his words:

“I’m working on a new type of nasogastric and orogastric tube that will be able to deliver pills intact to the stomach. The idea came from a national clinical trial I’ve worked on, studying a novel chemotherapy medicine that we showed in my lab is effective in models of aggressive pediatric brain tumors. We’ve had to restrict the clinical trial only to kids who can swallow pills, and this problem is widespread in clinical trials, because most new medicines don’t have liquid formulations. It turns out there are lots of approved medicines that also can’t be given as liquids or crushed for various reasons. Also, in addition to young kids, lots of older kids and adults also can’t swallow pills because of neurologic problems. The tubes we currently use can’t accommodate pills, so we’re working on a new tube that is more flexible and will hopefully be able to mechanically move the pill to the stomach. This will allow all these patients access to clinical trials and medicines they wouldn’t be able to take otherwise.”

This #NationalDoctorsDay we are lucky to know, Dr. Adam Green! Keep up the amazing work!













What can the rest of us do? Start our fundraising!!!

Check out these great tips from the foundation!

The 2019 Courage Classic Awaits

Registration is now open for the 2019 ride! Please click the button above to register today! We are very lucky to have the pleasure of honoring Nathan Gehris in 2019 for the Children’s Hospital Colorado’s 30th Courage Classic. It is a really special year for us, not only a milestone anniversary for the hospital but Bernie Gehris’ 20th ride. Bernie has been fundraising in memory of his son for 20 years now. He has single handedly raised almost $50,000 and hasn’t slowed down once, except maybe on the wall of Vail Pass :)

Sign Up Here!

I would like to share the poem from Bernie’s personal page in honor of Nathan. 

From “The Face of an Angel” by Raven

 I will hold on to my love

And my passions with grace
And when I lose grip
I will picture your face

The face of an angel
That came to my side
To brighten my heart
And made the darkness subside

In Loving Memory of Nathan Gehris, my son, May 6, 1991 – March 8, 1993

Sign Up Here!


We had a great ride to Carter Lake with Aaron Bradford as our ride leader. We were thrilled to have Shelby Winzett and Tatiana Kennedy on their first training ride, welcome to the team! These training rides are “no-drop” rides and we are all there to help support, push each other and have a whole lot of fun! Sometimes, we squeeze 10 out of 11 of us into a selfie! #wetried
In honor of our 11 riders here is a list of our
Top 11 Fundraisers:

What a perfect example of “Partners Against Cancer”
1. Finland Bradford – WOJ
2. Martha Riedel – WOJ
3. Kim Sievers – H Team
4. Wes Howard – WOJ
5. Stefania Scott – WOJ
6. Colleen Cox – Fynn’s Fighters
7. Wyatt Cox – Fynn’s Fighters
8. Amy Goodner – Kick Cancer’s Ass
9. Thomas Smith – Director of Mergers and Acquisitions :)
10. Daniel Hailpern – WOJ
11. Scott Farish – Orangethreory Courage


This is the Cox family, we designed this year’s jersey with this family and Fynn’s fondness of Batman. Collen, Wyatt and Kevin will be riding with the little Fynn doll in this year’s classic.

Important Dates:

June 2nd: Aurora to Castle Rock Round Trip – Easy in skill great in miles, still good climbing in the middle. We will grab a snack and refuel half way.
June 9th: Primal Second Saturday Ride
June 10th: Lookout Mountain Rescheduled Ride